10 Back of Door Ideas | Back of Door Storage

Are you running out of space in the different rooms of your home? However, when it comes to storage and organizing your home, don’t forget about the back of your doors! We all have them, closet, bedroom, bathroom doors, why not put them to good use?

How about we give you some back of door storage ideas today?

Back of Bedroom Door Storage Solutions

Not just for shoes…

behind the door storage cabinet

If you have kids and their toy box is starting to overflow, therefore you should think about using an over-the-door shoe rack to store some of their smaller toys and stuffed animals.

behind the door storage racks

Do they have several books and there just isn’t enough space in their room for a small bookshelf? Why not add some thin wooden spice racks to the back of their door?

Or make some of your own shelves with some inexpensive wood and wooden dowels that you can get from your local hardware store?

Closet Door Ideas

Here’s more.

You’ll love this back of door shoe storage idea!

door mounted storage rack

What a great place to hang your shoes! If you don’t have very much closet space and need a place for your shoes, then the back of your closet door is a great idea.

back of door storage ideas for hats

Do you have a lot of hats and hate digging through them all to find the right one that matches?

Similarly, you could check out these fantastic hat racks that you can put on your closet door.

back of door jewelry organizer

Many of us don’t have the right place to put our jewelry. But did you know you can mount a jewelry rack to the back of your closet door to help keep all your jewels together?

behind the the door jewelry organizer

I think this one is my favorite! Do you wake up and hate trying to decide what to wear for the day?

What if you picked out your outfit the day before and had it hanging on your closet door?

Now you can hit that snooze button one or two more times before crawling out of bed because your outfit is hanging and ready for you already.

Bathroom Door Ideas

So many of us run out of room underneath our bathroom sinks because there isn’t enough space for all our toiletries along with the cleaning stuff.

This system allows plenty of space for extra toiletries, medicine, and even bathroom cleaning supplies.

Having everything visible at a glance also makes it much easier to see when you are running low on something and can add it to the shopping list.

behind the door bathroom storage

Kitchen Door Ideas

How many “doors” do you have in your kitchen? Pantry door? Cabinet doors?

These are great places for you to help save some shelf space by hanging different racks on the various doors in your kitchen.

This clear over the door hanging pantry organizer will help you clear some shelf space in your pantry and help keep you organized.

So the next time you are making your grocery list, you will be able to open up your pantry and see what you are missing a lot quicker.

back of Kitchen Door Ideas

Meanwhile, I never thought to use my cabinet doors as a storage place, but how brilliant!

If you are low on space and drawers, then this is a great place to put your foil, plastic wrap, and baggies.

metal over the door storage rack

In addition, most of our pots and pans will stack neatly in the cabinet, but what about the lids?

They are always getting in the way, and there is no good way to “stack” them.

On the other hand, why not check out this rack that you can put on the inside of your cabinet to keep your lids organized and out of the way!

kitchen cabinet door storage ideas


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