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How To Give Your Home A Rustic Theme | 5 Tips For A Rustic Theme

What do you think about when someone asks, “Do you like the rustic theme?” or “How to make your house rustic?”

A rustic home decor provides the perfect combination of comforting, fuss-free design. A modern rustic decor has practical, functional decor, put together to create a warm interior. Natural materials work as the foundation and starting point for building enviable rustic styled home.  The authentic beauty of natural materials creates a cozy, beautiful space.

Whether you are doing one room or your whole house in a rustic themed spirit, Homeaze is here to help you create a rustic looking home your guests will fall in love with.

In this blog, we will be sharing with you some simple rustic home decor tips to turn your home into a comforting and authentic beautiful rustic home.


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Start with whitewashed walls in the room you want to start with.  Whitewashed walls look outstanding paired with natural wood features. The white allows the wood to speak for itself and become a focal point of your room.

From there, add color to add vibrancy as beginning with a neutral color palette.  Colors allow you to make the features of your room stand out.

When you’re applying neutral shades around wooden elements, be sure they aren’t too close in color.

Allow the different colors to enhance one another, and not blend in together. This will ensure they contrast enough against one another.

If you are worried about your rustic wall decor being too dull, there is no need to worry.  

Color will come into play with the rustic home decor furnishings from your furniture and accessories.  The furniture and accessories will bring a room together. Jewel tones work well in a rustic homes interior. Jewel tones such as pinks, reds, purples, blues, and greens, add a bold and bright touch of unexpected color.  The deeper the jewel tone, the better.


rustic style wood

Embrace wood as one of the leading natural materials in your rustic styled home. Pick out some reclaimed wood flooring for the perfect modern rustic decor inspired design.  If wood flooring is out of your price range, choose a wood effect laminate instead.

Wood paneling will also provide a hint of luxury. If you have beams in your home, don’t hesitate to embrace them in your design and highlight them with a stain.


Flagstone flooring is an excellent look for a rustic kitchen or bathroom. It’s natural, durable, and provides you with a warm and cozy feel while being practical.

Stone fireplaces look great for a rustic decorating ideas for living rooms.

Don’t have a fireplace or the option to install one? A great tip for creating that warm fiery glow is to use soft yellow/orange lighting around your room; it has the same inviting feel at a fraction of the price.


Iron, copper, and brass are all natural metals perfect for rustic decor accessories.

If you’re on a budget, imitation versions of these still look amazing. You can still achieve rustic interior design without going over budget by using imitation versions.

rustic decorating ideas for living rooms

There are also beautiful lighting options featuring rustic metals, which will add the ultimate finishing touch in any room.


Comforting fabrics in warm hues make your rustic home decor feel even more inviting.

Think cozy blankets and chunky knits to create a comfortable and relaxing environment.

For an added luxury, get a faux fur throw for a sofa and a patterned woven rug to compliment the room and add a splash of color.

Rugs are great if you have a wood floor and need warmth in colder seasons.

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With rustic interior design, you run the risk of your room feeling too masculine.  You can easily counter this with adding a feminine touch.

For a feminine touch, think about including floral, soft furnishings or decor.


Changing your home over to a rustic theme can be done very quickly and inexpensively.  We have been working on our small closet turning into a rustic theme.  You can see some of it here.

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