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5 Tips on How to Create an Inviting Outdoor Patio Space

Summer is here!  Thank goodness, some might say including me.  As I sit here on the back porch writing this blog to share with all of our readers, I want to share with you some tips on how to create an inviting outdoor patio.

We bought this house 5 and a half years ago and have always talked about sprucing up your outdoor patio. We are yet to do it, mainly because we have spent the past year focusing on the twin boys graduating high school.

Now that they have graduated and are ready to move on with their lives, my husband and I want to start focusing on ourselves and what we want.  We love to throw parties and have all of our friends and family over. The problem is, we have just the basics on the patio: a grill and table and chairs set (which we got just last summer).

Some of the tips I have found while doing the research for my patio, I want to share with you.



covered outdoor patio with umbrella

First, it’s important to have something to provide protection from the elements. We have found that for many places we have visited if you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes! Weather can change in a matter of a couple of hours, so you want to make sure that if some kind of weather does show up, you have a place for your guests to hang out.  If your home doesn’t have a covered patio, there are additional choices that can provide shelter while still being stylish. A gazebo, pergola, canopy, or even a patio umbrella are all excellent choices depending on your budget.

Outdoor Living Space

Outdoor Living Space


Think of your back patio or deck as an outdoor dining room/living room. It’s nice to have plenty of comfortable seating. Cushions on your patio are a wonderful addition. If your budget allows, you could get a storage bin to store your cushions while they are not in use. This will help your cushions last longer because they will be out of the elements.  We got this kind of storage bin because it doubles as a bench, allowing for more seating.




It is great to get out and enjoy the warm spring and summer months, so we should embrace nature as much as possible. By adding potted plants and colored accents, you are adding a special touch of welcome to” my patio oasis.” If you ask me, the more colorful, the better!  Not all if the plants need to be real, but many of them should be.


Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting


Many parties or get-togethers can go long into the night. You don’t want your guests to be tripping over the new pot you put in the corner of the patio, so you want to make sure that you have some sort of outdoor lighting set up. I prefer ambient light, that way everyone is not blinded by the light when it gets dark out. Rope lighting works well for under your umbrella or canopy.


Food is Served

Most get-togethers also include some food of some sort; whether it is hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill, or just some finger food, you will want to make sure there are places to sit and enjoy the food.  If you have enough space on your patio or deck, you should have a table and chairs, or you can use a large coffee table. Also when it comes to dining outdoors on the patio, it’s a good idea to incorporate a little creativity.



I hope you have enjoyed this blog and you don’t let your outdoor space become forgotten. With a little planning, you can be hosting outdoor gatherings like a professional! We would love to hear your thoughts and feedback!  Be sure to like and follow us on our social media channels: FacebookInstagramTwitterLinkedIn, and YouTube. Be sure to share comments and pictures using the hashtags: #homeaze #outdoorspace #patio #deckideas #outdoorliving.