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5 Wall Ideas for Living Room | Empty Wall Space Ideas

Many people have that empty and blank wall in their living room that could use a little, or a lot, touch of something.

In most homes, the main focal point in the living room would be the television, fireplace, or the big window. How are you taking advantage of that big empty white wall space?

We are going to help you take advantage of the big blank walls throughout your home by either adding a little do it yourself (DIY) project or adding something useful.

Wall Decoration Ideas for Living Room

Let’s start in the living room since this is where people tend to gather.

If the empty wall we’re focusing in the living room is near the TV or fireplace, think about adding some wall art behind the sitting area.

Wall Art Idea: Mirror Mirror on the Wall

wall art ideas for living room

Like hanging art together gallery-style, a mass of mirrors offer a lovely way to decorate a large wall in the living room.

You can do one huge mirror, or make a collage out of smaller mirrors. Mirrors help to reflect light, and they are stunning. You can often find different vintage mirrors at thrift stores or discount stores for less than the price of art.

Keep an Open Mind

Keep an open mind, and you can find unique wall hangings just about anywhere: metal sheets used to cover radiators, garden fencing, punched tin doors, woven screens, baskets, the list goes on forever.

Check your garage, attic and storage shed, and keep an eye out for curbside freebies; you never know what you may find!

You can take garden fencing, for instance, add a little color that matches your decor in your living room, mount it on the empty wall, and DONE. So simple!

Go 3D (3 Dimensional)

wall decoration ideas

Instead of just hanging art directly on your empty wall space, why not try propping it up on decorative wall brackets or shelf. Not only would it boost visual interest, but you can change things around whenever you feel like it — framed prints one day, bud vases the next.

How Bold Are You?

Whether vintage or new, letters on the wall make a big statement anywhere you put them, including in empty wall spaces.

Slightly overlapping the letters creates an even stronger graphic statement than hanging them side by side.

Or how about a monogram of your initials for another great empty wall idea?

But if you’re not into oversized letters, you can still create a dramatic look by doing a temporary mural. Much like removable wallpaper, these adhesive-backed murals install easily (remove the backing and put it on the wall), then peel off without a trace when it’s time to move.

Create a Gallery on Blank Walls

wall decorating ideas for living rooms

You can never have too much of a good thing, especially when it comes to art hung in groups. The colors, textures, and patterns help to eliminate negative space and enhance a finished look.

One empty wall idea that results in a perfectly balanced look is to hang two larger pieces diagonally from each other, then fill the blank space above or below each of those larger pieces with smaller pieces. You’ll want to stay with similar colors or subjects which will pull the look together.

Empty Wall Ideas for the Dining Room

No matter how many walls you have in the dining room, there always seems to be open, empty space, and you’re not sure what to put there.

Here are a few blank wall decoration ideas depending on how big your walls are.

Old Window Pane

blank wall design Old Window Pane

Take a trip down memory lane by adding some old pictures to an old window frame. Some might be able to find a frame in their basement, crawl space, or the attic. If you don’t have an old window frame laying around you can sure find one at a second-hand store, and many times they are pretty inexpensive.

Put Up Some Shelves on Empty Walls

Adding some shelves to the blank walls of your dining room could help you save some space in the kitchen. You could put some of Grandma’s china on display, get your pots out of the cabinet, or add little plants and frames.

Make a Statement

Make a Statement empty wall idea

Don’t be shy about mixing different patterns and colors when you decorate your dining room. If you want to mix patterns (like stripes and florals) but don’t want to go overboard, a consistent color palette can help. Decorating in various shades of the same color gives you a subtle color palette and is accommodating for any patterns within that color palette — the best of both worlds.

Empty Wall Ideas for Bedroom

Decorating the bedroom walls will be a little bit easier than trying to fill the walls in the rest of the house. This is your room; your sanctuary, so feel free to do what you want with your walls!

Here a few wall decoration ideas for your bedroom to make good use of your empty walls.

Hat Rack

wall decoration ideas bedroom

If you have a collection of hats, large brim, visors, or baseball caps, hang them on your blank walls with either push-pins or small finishing nails. This will help free up shelf space and keep them off the floor.

Jewelry Rack

empty wall space idea Jewelry Rack

On your small wall, you can add a jewelry rack that hangs right on the wall to organize your accessories & jewelries.

Hang your necklaces or chains on it.

Keep your earrings paired up.

If you get a jewelry rack with a shelf, you can put your sunglasses on top. Next time you are ready to spend the afternoon in the sun, you won’t have to search the rest of the house for those sunglasses that you love so much!

Add Some Color to Your Blank Wall

wall decoration ideas bedroom

Go to the fabric store, pick out your favorite fabric. Decide how big you want your framed fabric to be.

Go to the hardware store, grab some 1x2s or 1x4s for the frame.

Easy and inexpensive do it yourself wall art.

Empty Bathroom Walls decor ideas


Is it too much work to make wall art?

Add a colorful, patterned rug to your wall.

This will help add color and texture to your bedroom.

Empty Bathroom Walls

Empty bathroom walls can seem intimidating, but not to worry. It’s super easy to dwindle the intimidation.

Add Colors that POP

Using solid paint colors on your wall and adding some simple black and white framed photos will help “lighten the mood” in the bathroom.

Decorate with Plants in the Bathroom

Decorate blank wall space with Plants in the Bathroom

The bathroom may seem like an unusual place to cultivate a mini-garden, but if you think about it, what room needs the air-cleaning power of plant life more? These ceramic hanging planters are an elegant, inexpensive way to dress up your bathroom walls with little effort required.

Add Some Shelves to Fill Empty Spaces

Add Some Shelves to Fill Empty Spaces


Adding some shelves will help free up countertop space along with opening up underneath the sink in the bathroom. This dual shelf is an excellent idea for those that have a pedestal sink and no storage in the bathroom at all.


Spring is right around the corner, and many of us will be doing some “spring cleaning.” This is an excellent opportunity to take a little extra time and add something to your empty walls or replace some of your current wall art decor with something new and innovative.

Remember, you don’t want to bite off more than you can chew. Focus on one room at a time and make sure you are using the Pomodoro Technique.

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