Decluttered Dining Room Table

Clear Your Dining Room Table of Clutter

Sometimes our dining room tables become chaotic.  They become easy resting places for an assortment of items that we know don’t belong there.  Backpacks, magazines, mail, gym bags, laptops;  if it came in the door with you, it probably found the closest convenient resting place, our table.  The longer you put off decluttering, the more dysfunctional it becomes.  Forget about a family dinner, the table has turned into a horizontal closet. Today, we’re going to focus on winning back our table and opening it up for gatherings again.

Things You’ll Need

  • Your favorite cleaning product.
  • Trash can.

Steps to Organize

  1. Set a 25 minute timer.
  2. One by one or grouped if possible, take each item on the table to where it actually belongs.  Put the mail in your office, or open it and act on it.  Take the backpacks, purses, gym bags, etc to their owners bedroom.  Find the magazines a home, or toss them in the trash.  Unless it’s a place mat or centerpiece, it probably doesn’t belong on the table.
  3. If there are any place mats or centerpieces remaining, remove them and sit them to the side for the time being.
  4. With the table clear, give it a good cleaning to remove any dust or spills that may have accumulated.
  5. Put place mats and centerpiece back on the table.  If you don’t have them, it might be a good time to consider them.  Place mats aren’t absolutely necessary, but a good center piece is always good for dressing up the space.  I like to use a nice candle, or rock garden with some succulents.
  6. Step back and enjoy seeing that table you spent so much time picking out again 🙂

This pomodoro is one that, unlike others, I typically repeat pretty often.  The table seems to always end up being a catch all if you don’t put some other organizational systems in place.  If this sounds like you, consider buying some wall mounted hooks and mail bins.  These work great for more than just coats.  You can hang backpacks and purses, drop the mail here, and even hang the keys.