Organize Your Freezer With This Pomodoro

Daily Organization Pomodoro:

Today’s pomodoro will focus on your refrigerators other half, the freezer. Much like yesterday, today we’ll follow similar steps to declutter and get your freezer back into a usable state. Here’s how:

Step 1: Set your 25 minute timer.

Step 2: Start by pulling everything you have in your freezer out and setting it aside. Don’t worry, it won’t melt, remember, this is only going to take 25 minutes 🙂

Step 3: Clean out the inside of the freezer with your favorite cleaning products where you can. Sometimes the shelves may be a bit frosty so be careful not to use too much liquid as it can flash freeze. That main thing we’re after here are any spills or obvious grossness.

Step 4: Look through all of the things you’ve pulled out and toss anything that’s expired, or beyond it’s consumable life or that you just don’t want to be part of your New Years diet plan 🙂 . Don’t get to attached to the sunk cost of items you may have purchased with good intentions. While things can last a long time in the freezer, they can also get freezer burn sometimes too so look out for items like this too and go ahead and toss them as well.

Step 5: Start putting your items back one by one, organizing them as you go. I like to try and organize by food groups, like meats, vegetables, fruits, and other.

Step 6: Pat yourself on the back, if you followed yesterday and today’s pomodoro’s your fridge/freezer combo should be like new. Now the trick is trying to keep it that way so make yourself a schedule and revisit these steps whenever necessary. I like to shoot for quarterly.

We hope you enjoyed this quick tip and got some value from it. If you did, please share or comment below!

Here are some great freezer bins to help with organizing in the future: