Organized Plates, Bowls and Mugs

Organize Your Kitchen Cabinets with This Pomodoro

For today's Pomodoro, we'll give you easy to follow kitchen cabinet organization ideas that you'll hopefully love.

I don't expect you to tackle all of your cabinets at once, but rather use this kitchen cabinet organization ideas and steps for each cabinet section you have.

How to Organize Kitchen Cabinets

For me I broke mine down into 3 sections, but you can take a similar approach based on your layout.  I have my dishes organized as follows:

  • 1st Cabinet Section is plates, bowls and coffee cups.
  • 2nd Cabinet Section is glasses and misc cups.
  • 3rd Cabinet Section is Tupperware and misc storage containers.

Steps How to Organize Your Kitchen Pantry and Cabinets

For each of those cabinets, I took the following steps to getting them organized:

1. Set a 25 minute timer.

2. Remove all dishes from the cabinet and set on the counter or kitchen table.

3. Clean the cabinet of any debris.

4. Depending on the cabinet you are tackling, organize the cabinet into sections.

Kitchen Cabinet Storage Category #1: Plates, Bowls and Coffee Cups

Organized Plates, Bowls and Mugs

For plates and bowls and coffee cups: Stack all large plates, with small plates that are similar next to them.

Stacked Bowl Set

I stacked bowls on the shelf above those and organized into even numbers so they are easily accessible without having to pull them all out at once to get a single bowl.  I like to alternate my coffee cups using their handle creating a zipper effect.

Handle Zippered Coffee Mugs

So the first cup goes in with it's handle pointed towards me, the next cup with handle pointed away so that the handle of the first cup touches the side of the cup being placed and the cup being placed has it's handle touching the cup that's already there. See picture for detail.

Handle Zippered Coffee Mugs

For mixing bowls and other, I try to place them based on size in ascending order, unless they are a bowl set in which case I place them within one another, again see picture.

Kitchen Cabinet Storage Category #2: Glasses and Cups

For glasses and miscellaneous cups I try to group like glasses.

Organized Glasses

One thing I have found particularly difficult is mismatched glasses that get accumulated over time.

Like coffee mugs that are gifted, or unfortunate events when 1 glass out of a set is broken leaving you with an odd number.

In those situations, I do the best I can, but eventually will re-order a set to keep things neat.

This always of course depends on your budget. Here is an example of my glass organization:

Organized Glasses

Kitchen Cabinet Storage Category #3: Tupperware and misc Storage Containers

For Tupperware and storage containers, I try to use the like with like on top of their lids approach.

This makes it easy to find the right size and match with a lid whenever I need them.

There is nothing worse than having to hunt for a lid in a mess of Tupperware.

Organized Stacked Tupperware

If for some reason your Tupperware has lost it's lid, these make perfect candidates for pantry organizers or fridge bins if you don't want to purchase them.

As mentioned in other posts, I typically like to perform this step quarterly and inventory my containers.

I also have one shelf that I consider my "throw away/give away" containers.

These are perfect for when you have a dinner party and want to send food away with your guests without losing your "good" Tupperware.

My mom taught me that. These containers usually get traded around anyway, so it's always good to have some on hand.

Now moving on...

5. Once you've got everything back into your cabinets, take the bins you've set aside and put them to good use in the pantry or fridge.

Make a list of "new" dishes you may need to even out or replace your older dishes that have worn down.

6. Now that you have things organized, try to stay consistent with putting things back where they belong.

I've found that once I've taken the time to organize, it's really not that hard to keep it that way.   It only takes a couple of extra seconds when putting something away to put it back "right" instead of just tossing it wherever there is an open space.

7. Relish in your minor victory and either move on to the next cabinet, or save it for tomorrow 🙂

I know for everyone it's not economically practical to replace or have uniform dishes, but for me, opening a cabinet to something that looks like it came out of a magazine does a number for making me feel more relaxed and at peace with my day to day.

I also may just be a bit borderline OCD, but you probably wouldn't be reading this article if you didn't at least somewhat feel the same way.

Let us know what you think of our kitchen cabinet organizing hacks & solutions and if you have different ideas for how to group things or put them together, we'd love to hear the feedback.

Also, if you found this valuable, please share it with someone else who may find it valuable too!

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