Organized Entertainment System

Organize Your Living Room Entertainment System with this Pomodoro

Have you been wanting to organize your home entertainment system?

If you've been following our organization pomodoro's so far this year you should have a pretty good handle on your kitchen by now.  There may still be a few cabinets left that need to be taken care of or some counter space that could use some love, but hopefully you've adjusted to the daily 25 minute routines to help keep you on a roll.

How to Organize Your Home Entertainment System

The living room is the next area that we're going to tackle.  For most of us, we spend a lot of time here, so keeping it neat and clean is a challenge. Organizing this space however, will pay off and let you use the space for what it's meant to be used, relaxing.  Today's pomodoro is going to focus on the home entertainment center / system. We'll give you easy to follow organization tips for home (including creative ways how to to hide TV wires so they don't cause a horrible mess!).

I've done my best to outline the main items to take into consideration when organizing an entertainment system, but these vary in size, shape, configuration and layout, so not every step may apply for you.  Hopefully though, these home organization hacks will help you make the most of your space.

Things You'll Need

Here are the essentials you'll need to organize your living room entertainment system:

  1. Dust Spray
  2. Paper Towels or a Rag
  3. Zip Ties or Twistys
  4. Old boxes (shoeboxes or old Amazon shipping boxes work great).

Home Organization Steps

Step 1

  • Set a 25 minute timer.

Step 2

  • Start by unplugging all of the connected devices. In some cases, you may need a helping hand if your tv wires & cables are behind the cabinet and needs to be moved. Make sure to unplug everything, including your tv, sound system, speakers, dvd player, Alexa, modem, etc.

Step 3

  • Remove anything else that you may have in the surrounding cabinets and sit them on your living room coffee table or couch for the time being. We'll be putting them back later, but for now the goal is to get back to a blank slate, minus moving any overly heavy or awkward objects like the TV.

Step 4

  • Once everything is removed, give the whole area a good dusting and cleaning.  There is often a lot if you don't make this a regular habit so be prepared to use a lot of paper towels.

Step 5

  • Now that the area is clean, ask yourself a few questions to help decide what still makes sense in your entertainment system.
Questions to Ask:

Do I still watch DVDs or BluRay's? Or do I just stream everything on Netflix or <insert favorite service here>. 

  • If the answer is the latter, maybe it's time to donate those old movies or collect them in a box. You may also want to go ahead and retire the DVD/BluRay player too if it isn't used for your sound system.  These can take up a lot of usable space and replacing them with more visually appealing pieces like pictures of family or books or decor is often much better.

Do any of the items I removed not belong in the entertainment system but somehow wound up there because it was the first place I could find to stuff them when I was in a rush? 🙂   

  • It happens, don't feel bad if this is you.  I've found some interesting things when performing this activity.

Has anything in my pile gone out of style and no longer match the other room decor that may have changed over the years? 

  • If yes, maybe it's time to let these items go too.

Step 6

  • With everything out of the way that you no longer use or no longer fits your ideal, use those zip ties to gather up your remaining wires and get them tethered together.  Keeping them organized can go a long way if your entertainment center doesn't have doors or you can see them dangling.  It's an easy fix but your eyes will appreciate it.

Step 7

  • Take all of the remaining items and place them back on the shelves or cubbies.

Here are some ideas for things I like to keep in my entertainment system.

  • Books with stoppers.  Make sure to organize these however best fits your neurosis.  I like mine organized by height, but some people like color, or alphabetically by title.
  • Board games and video games.  I usually try to stow these away in a cabinet where they are out of site.  If you don't have one though, try to find a decorative bin or basket that they can be placed in.
  • Fake or real plants.  These are just visually appealing and add a peaceful vibe to the room.
  • Pictures of family and friends.  These are great adds anywhere in a house and rarely are considered "clutter."

Step 8

  • Plug your appliances back in and if necessary have your helper nudge the furniture back into place.

Step 9

  • As with every pomodoro, pat yourself on the back for how much you were able to accomplish in such a short period of time.

If you find that this activity takes longer than 25 minutes, that's ok.  Take a 5 minute break when the timer goes off and do your best to finish the job.  Psychologically, our brains don't particularly like leaving things unfinished once they've been started.  The hardest part of any activity is starting and these 25 minute sessions are designed to make them feel achievable and manageable, even for the busiest of schedules.

Hopefully you found this article valuable.  If you did, please share with others and let us know how it worked out for you.  Feel free to post a picture of your completed project on Facebook with hashtag #mypomodoro or email us at