Organizing Folded Clothes in Your Rustic Closet

Use these organization tips how to fold clothes properly and arrange your wardrobe neatly.

I don’t know about you, but I get so frustrated when I am looking for a specific shirt that I folded an put into one of my drawers, and now I can’t find it. We have been sharing with you how to organize your closet, and today we want to share with you some of the best ways how to organize clothes in drawers using the Pomodoro technique.

If you hastily fold your clean laundry before putting it all away, you’re not only wasting space and creating serious disorder in your closets and drawers, but you’re very likely wrinkling all of your clothes, too.

The following folding clothes hack will teach you how to fold clothes fast and save you significant storage space while keeping things neatly organized in your closet.

Things you will need how to fold clothes:

  • A couple of hours (depending on how many drawers you need to organize)
  • Timer
  • Drawer dividers
  • In-Drawer Organizer

How to Organize Clothes in Closet

best way to fold clothes

The best way to start is to take everything out of the drawers. You can either put them on the bed or in piles on the floor.

Did you set your 25-minute timer?

Remember Pomodoro Technique – 25 minutes on task, take a 5-minute break. This helps you stay focused.

As you are taking the clothes out of the drawers, you should go through each item. If you haven’t worn it in the past year or so, it’s time for it to go, so make sure you have a donation pile.

Now separate them by t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, tank tops, shorts, capris, pants, leggings, etc. You get the point.

Folding Clothes to Put in the Drawers

folding clothes hack

Folding clothes can be as easy or as hard as you make it.

You need to remember that when you pull your shirt out of the drawer that you want to be able just to put it on, right?

The whole point in folding your clothes is to make sure you don’t have to iron them before you put them on.

Fold the clothes into rectangular shapes allow you to “file” them as opposed to “piling” them.

This helps your drawers be more organized which in turn, gives you a bunch more space in your drawer. You may need to get drawer dividers to help keep the row separated.

How to Fold Clothes & Organize them in Drawers

Organizing your drawers may seem pretty straightforward, however, in reality, it can be frustrating. Let’s start at the top.

How to Fold Socks and Underwear

Many of us, including myself, don’t take the time to fold our socks and underwear. We pull them out of the dryer and put them straight into the drawer. I don’t know about you, but I hate trying to find matching socks! UGH!

Here is a great way how to fold socks and underwear so that they are easy to access in the drawer:

You can use drawer dividers to keep them separated, you can use shoe boxes or an in-drawer organizer like this one.

How to Fold Shirts

Below is a diagram that shows you how to fold your shirts, so they don’t get wrinkled and you can file them accordingly in your shirt drawer.

Once you have your shirts folded properly into little rectangles, file them in your drawer according to sleeve length, color, and occasion.

This will help you find the one you are looking for a lot easier.

You can also get drawer dividers, like this one, to help keep your clothes in a neat line in the drawer

How to Fold Shorts or Pants

Again, we want to make them as small as possible and in a rectangular shape so that they can be filed neatly in your drawer.

Again, you want to make sure that once you have folded your pants and shorts, you want to organize them in your drawer accordingly.

Put all of you leggings together, your jeans, your capris, and your shorts should all have their own row.

This will help you stay organized and help you to manage your time better first thing in the morning when you get dressed and are ready to start your day.

Inspiration: Using the Pomodoro Technique

Using the Pomodoro Technique is a great way to manage your time and stay on task.  The goal of the Pomodoro technique is to reduce the impact of internal and external interruptions so you can focus.

Pomodoro Technique

Keeping your folded clothes in your drawers neat and organized will help you stay organized which in turn will help you manage your time better.

If you are not spending 15 minutes trying to find that shirt, that you know you put in the drawer, you now have more time to focus on your next task, whatever that may be.

As always, we hope you’ve enjoyed these tips on how to fold clothes and organize clothes in your closet.

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