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Organizing Your Bedroom Closet – (Part 1 of 2)

So far this week we’ve tackled organizing our bedroom nightstands, dresser and even our bed.  Now we’ll take on one of the most challenging aspects of our bedroom design, our closet.  To do so we’re going to break it down into two parts, hanging items and then everything else.  Depending on the size of your closet, this could require multiple pomodoro sessions, but once you’ve done it the first time, hopefully subsequent sessions should go much quicker.  Let’s start with our hanging space.

Things You’ll Need

Steps to Organize

  1. Set a 25 minute timer.
  2. Start by removing every article of clothing that is currently hanging and placing it on your bed.
  3. Next, create space on your bed for pre-organization piles.  I recommend the following:
    • Pants and jeans (if you hang them).
    • Long articles like dresses.
    • Shirts.
    • Jackets.
    • Donation pile.
    • Seasonal clothing (if it’s winter, this would be spring and summer clothes).
  4. Now that you’ve cleared space, go through each article and categorize it into one of the previously defined piles.  For your donation and seasonal pile, consider the following questions:
    • Have I worn this in the past year?  If no, maybe it’s time to let go.
    • Is this still consistent with the style I want to exude?  If no, let it go.
    • Does it fit? If no, it may be time to let it go unless you have some seriously motivated workout plans.  In which case I would stow it in a rollaway tote with a reminder to donate if you haven’t met goal by x date.  See this post on commitment devices for information on this technique.
    • Is this in season? If no, consider getting in the habit of doing seasonal swaps.   I recommend using rollaway totes for this.  Place the season items here and then stow them under your bed.  Repeat this pomodoro each season to swap out clothes and get rid of items no longer “bringing joy” as Marie Kondo would say.
  5. Now that you’ve categorized your clothing it’s time to start putting it back.  Starting from the left, begin putting each item back, color coding from dark to light.  This may seem tedious but if you’re a visual person this makes picking outfits much easier.  Additionally, if you really want a consistent layout, consider swapping out the old mismatched hangers for new ones.  Also, take into consideration the space under your clothing.  I typically try to put dresses or long articles on the far left or right, so that the remaining area is open for a small dresser or storage totes.  However, be creative here.  You could put them in the middle with two small dressers on each side.  Other considerations:
    • Put your coats/jackets in your coat closet.
    • If you have multiple hanging areas, try to use them according to the piles we laid out earlier.
    • If short on space, consider folding sweaters and jeans/pants instead of hanging them.
  6. Put your seasonal clothes into the rollable totes, and place them under the bed.  If you don’t have these just yet, no problem.  Fold these clothes up and place them in an underutilized location.  For me, this is behind my clothes as there is space and shelving.  For others this may be an auxiliary guest bedroom closet or in the basement.
  7. Set the donation clothes aside to drop off the next time you can.
  8. Smile and enjoy.  We’ll be doing this with the remainder of the closet next so be sure to check out part two of closet organization.