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Organizing Your Bedroom Night Stands

Things You’ll Need

  • Your favorite cleaning product.
  • Vacuum.

Steps to Organize

  1. Set your 25 minute timer.
  2. Start by removing everything currently in one or both of your bedroom nightstands. If you have lamps on your nightstand go ahead and remove those as well.
  3. Wipe down them down good with your favorite cleaning product.  Vacuum out the drawers to get any loose debris.
  4. After you’ve finished cleaning, go through the items you removed from your nightstand and determine if all of the items belong there.  If not, go ahead and put them where they belong.  If it’s trash, toss it, and if it does go back, sit it aside for step 5.
  5. Before putting everything back into your nightstand, consider reading this post on environmental design.  Your nightstand represents a prime spot to help drive your daily habits.  It can help with both your morning and night routine.  Here are some tips for organizing that could help spark your morning or end your day:
    • Sit out a journal and pen.  You can use this as either a nightly recap of your day, or a morning gratitude log.
    • Get a good book and sit it out if journaling isn’t your thing.
    • Want to drink more water? Consider putting a couple of bottles of water in your bottom drawer and sitting one out each night before you go to bed.  This way if you get thirsty in the middle of the night you have something to drink, or first thing in the morning you can drink one.   Here is a great article on this habit:
  6. After you’ve put some careful thought into what should go into your night stand, go ahead and put everything back.  Here are some tips for how I’ve organized mine:
    • On top – my journal and a pen, iPhone and Apple watch charger, a picture, a candle and a lamp.  Keep it simple.
    • Top drawer – chargers and small box for anything I may need to stow close.  I also include an extra candle, lotions, and other small items like headphones.  Headphones are especially useful if you aren’t on the same sleeping schedule as your partner.
    • Middle drawer – books, journals and reading materials for a rainy day.
    • Bottom drawer – stocked full of waters.
  7. Sleep easy knowing you have everything you need at arms reach!