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Organizing Your Dining Room Buffet

If you have friends over often, the dining room buffet is a crucial piece of furniture.  For me, it’s not only the perfect accent piece, but also great for storing extra dinnerware and decor for such events.  However, it also often ends up with some junk over time.  Use today’s pomodoro to get yours organized and then schedule a nice get together with friends as a reward.

Things You’ll Need

  • Your favorite cleaning product.

Steps to Organize

  1. Set a 25 minute timer.
  2. With the kitchen table freshly cleaned from yesterday’s pomodoro, use it as your staging area and take everything currently in your buffet out or off and sit it on the table.
  3. Give the buffet a good cleaning, wiping away any dust or residual food you may have missed.
  4. Go through all of the items you’ve removed and ask yourself it they serve a dinner party purpose. If they don’t, take them where they more likely belong and free up some space for the essentials.
    • Here is a list of things I typically keep in my buffet:
      • Holiday decor.
      • Extra placemats.
      • Coasters.
      • Plastic utensils, cups, plates and napkins.
      • If you lack a dining room hutch, you may keep nicer extra dish ware here also.
      • Games (cards, board games or puzzles) . I would consider these optional and only here if it’s something you do often with friends and don’t have a better place for elsewhere.
      • Liquor
    • Here is a list of things I typically keep ON my buffet:
      • Decor (runner, vase, statue, whatever suits you.)
      • Liquor (display worth) . If possible, place in a nice decanter.
      • Wine rack + wine.
      • Wine tools (openers, stoppers, aerators)
  5. Once you’ve distilled your inventory down, think about the best logical way to organize it.  If you have nice display pieces, place them on top of the buffet or in the front of cabinets with glass doors.  For unsightly items, try to put them in drawers or behind closed doors in a neat fashion where they are easily accessible.  Think about how you would set the table or decorate.  I like to try and put things up in the reverse order that I will need them when I’m setting up.
  6. Once you’ve finished, sit back and daydream about the next dinner party or get together you’d like to host and start planning 🙂

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