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Organizing Your Dining Room Hutch

If you have a dining room hutch, it can be a great compliment to your design style.  It can also be an awesome place to showcase your creativity.  It can also be a total disaster if you add to many conflicting items.  Today’s pomodoro will cover the steps to organize your hutch and make it conversation worthy.

Things You’ll Need

  • Your favorite cleaning product.
  • A vacuum (optional).
  • Boxes for items that don’t belong.

Steps to Organize

  1. Set a 25 minute timer.
  2. Start by pulling all of the items in your hutch out and sitting them on your cleared off dining room table.
  3. Next, give the entire hutch a good cleaning. Make sure to wipe down any glass front cabinets to remove smudges.  Vacuum out the interior of your drawers and cabinets.  And wipe the shelves down with a mild cleaning product.
  4. Once everything is clean, turn your sights to the items you removed.  Start by thinking about how you’d like to organize the items for display and begin putting them back.  I recommend taking any items that don’t match or are inconsistent and considering boxing those up for a rainy day.  Keep all of your nice dishware that match and use those as your display pieces behind the glass front cabinets.  Here are some ideas for how to organize the remaining items:
    • Cabinets (non glass front)
      • Seasonal table decor.
      • Cake stands.
      • Serving trays and bowls.
    • Shelves / Glass Front Cabinets
      • China.
      • Decorative cake stands.
      • Picture frames or decor.
      • Vintage dishes.
    • Drawers
      • Napkin rings.
      • Cloth napkins.
      • Placemats.
      • Chargers.
      • Tablecloths and runners.
      • Extra silverware.
      • Candles and lighter.
  5. Once everything has been put back, take anything that you’ve put in your rainy day box and find an appropriate storage location.  If you’re feeling really generous, you could donate them.
  6. Relax and start planning your next get together or dinner party.