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Steps to Organizing Your Shoe Closet

Continuing our closet organization journey, for this Pomodoro, we’ll focus on organizing your shoes.  In today’s article, I’ll do my best to outline generic organizational methods to get the shoe space of your closet as organized as possible.

Things You’ll Need

  • Rolling Storage Bin
  • Fabric Shoe Cubby
  • Over the Door Shoe Rack
  • Hanging Shoe Organizer

Steps to Organize

  1. Remember to set your Pomodoro timer.
  2. After you set your 25-minute timer, let’s go through all of your shoes.  If you are anything like me, this will take close to an hour…
  3. Of course, the first step to organizing your shoe collection is recycling and donating the ones you don’t wear or wear very often.  Now that you have separated the shoes that you are going to donate, let’s talk about organizing the ones you have left.
  4. Different piles:  Donation pile (remember these need to still be in wearable condition to donate), trash (not wearable condition anymore and can’t donate), out of season, gym/running shoes, dress shoes, sandals, boots, etc.

What to Do With Piles

Now that you have all of your shoes separated let’s start putting them in the appropriate places.

  • Out Of Season.  The out of season shoes should be placed in rolling storage bins and either put under your bed or stored away somewhere, so they are not in the way.  For instance, if it is summertime and you plan on wearing tennis shoes and sandals, your winter boots should be put away until they are needed again.
  • Gym/Running Shoes.  If you are an avid gym person or runner, these shoes should be stored where you have quick and easy access.  If you don’t have room for a shoe rack on the floor, we suggest you put them in the over the door shoe rack or the over the hanging shoe rack on your wall.
  • Dress Shoes.  Whether you have 2 or 3 pairs, or 20 pairs, it is important to remember they are “dress shoes” for a reason.  You want to make sure that you don’t add odd creases to them by hanging them on a wire rack. Therefore we would suggest using the fabric shoe cubby.  Here you can lay your dress shoes nicely, and they won’t get deformed.
  • Sandals.  Sandals are easy to stack and store.  For sandals, we would suggest the over the door shoe rack or the hanging shoe rack for your wall again.
  • Boots.  Boots can be tricky, especially for the girls that like to wear tall boots.  When tall boots are not stored properly, they will fall and end up misshapen. This is just unacceptable and means you’ll end up having to buy another pair to replace them. 🙂   We suggest this tall boot storage as a remedy.  It is convenient and can even hang off your current closet rod.  If that won’t work due to space, we suggest this space saver rack.


Trying to clean and organize your shoes can be time-consuming and frustrating.  Once you have figured out a system, and where you put your favorite pair of shoes, you will be thanking yourself you actually took the time and energy to straighten up your closet floor.  It is imperative to remember to take this in 25-minute intervals. You don’t want to stress yourself out over something this manageable.

As always, we hope you’ve enjoyed these tips.  If you did, please comment on one of our social channels and let us know how it went with hashtags #organized #closets #pomodoro.