Stretch To Help Get Out Of Bed and Up On Time

Good Morning!

Today’s productivity tip is an easy one, STRETCHING.

If you’re like me, when you hear the alarm go off your first inclination is to hit the SNOOZE button, sometimes repeatedly. But one thing I’ve found to be a pretty effective counter to that is to go ahead and press the snooze button, but then immediately start stretching. Even if you’re still in bed to start, stretching is proven to increase blood flow through your muscles which in turn is going to gently start to increase circulation through your entire body, including your brain. Doing this means you’re going to become alert more quickly and it will make it MUCH easier to drag yourself out of bed. Once you’re up, continue your stretches until that snooze alarm goes off again… after all, you were going to sleep in that long anyway so you can’t use the excuse you don’t have time.

Getting up earlier and increasing your alertness is going to jump start your day making the morning routine easier and as explained in previous posts, limit the amount of willpower you have to use to do simple menial tasks like getting dressed and brushing your teeth.

If you aren’t sure which stretches are best, here is a great article outlining 6 great morning stretches to get your body ready for the day!

Give it a shot and let us know how it worked out for you. Leave us a comment or share with others who may find value in this tip.